Everything from the 2023 Microsoft Event

Everything from the 2023 Microsoft Event header image


  • Photos app gets AI tools known as Background Blur & Retouch.

Background Blur as seen on the Microsoft Copilot video.

  • Paint App has AI art generation tools.

A screenshot of Paint Cocreator (Picture taken by PhantomOcean3, original source by Daniel Newman on X.)

  • Windows Copilot (replaces Cortana) with AI tools using Bing Chat & features as seen in Cortana, Google Assistant, & Siri.

Microsoft Copliot during Development in Insider builds of Windows (Image by Microsoft)

  • Quick Actions via Co-pilot including Summarizing, Explaining, & Rewriting.
  • Drafting with Co-pilot
  • Quick Background Removal from screenshots
  • Designer & Copilot in Microsoft 365
  • Bing Chat Enterprise
  • Bing Chat with DALLE-3 capabilities

Surface Devices

  • Surface Laptop Studio 2

Surface Laptop Studio 2 (Image from WinFuture)

  • Surface Laptop Go 3

Surface Laptop Go 3 (Image by Microsoft)

  • Surface Go 4 for Business
  • Surface Hub 3

Surface Hub 3

  • 3D printable Adaptive Pen Grips for Surface Pen


  • The new Outlook for everyone, replaces the UWP Mail app introduced in Windows 10. It's just a PWA with a native titlebar instead of the Edge titlebar, just use Wino Mail.

The new Outlook app (Image by Microsoft)

  • Modernized File Explorer using WinUI 3 components (Address Bar, Details Panel, Home, Sidebar, etc.) Ain't this slow and buggy for Windows?

Modernized File Explorer (Image by Microsoft)

  • New text authoring experiences to voice access and new natural voices in Narrator
  • Windows Backup. Doesn't this use OneDrive to backup your stuff, meaning you need to spend more money to even transfer everything to a new computer?

Windows Backup (Image by Winaero) That is everything that was announced at the event! How unfortunate that it's extremely boring and most features introduced are either AI or major issues, thanks Microsoft.

We might see the updated Copilot in the latest Canary & Dev builds that will be releasing whenever.

(Images are courtesy of their owners: Winaero, Microsoft, WinFuture, PhantomOcean3, RedPCat/The Writer of this article)

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