Meet Radon Browser.

Meet Radon Browser. header image

The initial public release 🎉

After over a year of work, I'd like to announce the launch of the first ever public release build of Radon Browser on Microsoft Store and GitHub Releases. While this release is still missing a lot of features and customizations, Radon Browser is considered as usable for generic use cases in term of basic navigation and web browsing experience.

You may download the release from the provided links below.

Download and installation:

  • Method 1 - Microsoft Store (recommended) Most stable, verified by the Microsoft Store team, recommended for normal users.

  • Method 2 - GitHub Releases May be unstable, might have rough edges and major instabilities, recommended for developers and advanced users. Sideloading packages are available to download from GitHub releases.


  • Appealing detailed Ul design aligned to the Fluent design guidelines, with fusion of Apple's Safari signature looks.

  • Performant minimal resource impact on lower end hardware, thanks to the native UWP runtime for Windows 10/11 devices.

  • Handful control over customizations to your browser's looks and behavior. More customization features are coming later.

  • Multitasking features such as multi windowing, sidebar, AI integrations and split tabs. (Coming soon)

  • Powered by WebView2 engine, based on Chromium for compatibility and performance with most modern sites. WebView1 engine implementation is planned for compatibility with legacy sites.

Have an improvement or feature request? Go to GitHub Issues and submit a new issue.

Final words

Currently under development, I'm working hard to bring this browser to life so you can enjoy delightful browsing experience with unmatched performance and control over customizations.




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