Windows 11 build 25905: the first Gallium build is out.

Windows 11 build 25905: the first Gallium build is out. header image

Windows 11 build 25905 is finally out. These are the main highlights.

New features ported from the Dev Channel Some of the features added in recent dev channel builds - new File Explorer, dev drives and more - have been ported to the Canary channel.

Rust in the Windows kernel Rust has been added in the Windows kernel. It will offer advantages in terms of reliability, security and more. This feature is starting to roll out, a guide on how to enable hidden features will come soon.

Arm32 apps deprecation In the arm64 compilation of build 25905, the Arm32 UWP apps support has been removed. During the update, you will be shown a list of apps that will be removed.

3D emoji support In this build, 3D emojis are now fully spported in the emoji picker.

Zune Yes, Zune. In this build, an issue which was causing zune drivers to not working properly on Windows 11.

Hidden features Thee are some hidden features in this build.

  • Updated settings dialogs: the redesign continues, now with the Retail Demo dialog. Thanks to PhantomOcean3 for spotting this change.
  • Windows copilot: the AI assistant for Windows 11 is hidden in this build.
  • Snapp layout suggestions: the rollout has been stopped in the dev channel but this feature is hidden in this build.

There are also a few known issues, like this build not being offered on ASUS PCs or PCs with an ASUS mothorboard.

A Microsoft store update has also been pushed, more issues here.

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