Windows Copilot is available for insiders! This is how to enable and try the new features

Windows Copilot is available for insiders! This is how to enable and try the new features header image

New Insider Build 23493 with Windows Copilot and extended Archive File support

After been announce on Microsoft Build conference, we officially got to try the new Windows Copilot assistant on the Windows Insider Dev Channel today (June 29th).

As it is the first preview of this new feature, it doesn't include that much to do, but every command shown on the announcement is available for insiders to try.

How to enable Windows Copilot?

If you are running the last dev build but the feature is not enable for you, ViVetool will enable the feature for you.

  1. Download ViVetool from their GitHub relases page and extract the files on your System32 folder.

  1. Open Powershell as admin and type:
vivetool /enable /id:44776738,42105254

Note: If this doesn't work then the following Ids should also be tried: 44774629, 44850061 and 41655236

  1. Restart your device and the feature should be enabled.

What other stuff did they announce?

New Settings app "home" page

A image of Windows settings app home with multiples cards showing: recommended settings like taskbar, display and default apps. Personalize settings like wallpapers and system color mode. And OneDrive activity. Your most used settings are now available on this section, so the more you use the Settings app, the new Home will recommend the settings you use the most. Perfect if you want to just change your system-color mode, or disable notifications from an app, or add a new Bluetooth device.

As for now, the available cards for Home are:

1. Recommended Settings: your most common settings.

2. Bluetooth Devices: add, remove or connect to your wireless devices.

3. Personalization settings: color mode and wallpapers.

4. Microsoft services: Xbox game pass suscription, Microsoft 365 benefits, OneDrive cloud storage status.

How to enable it?

In case Settings Home page is disable for you, same as Windows Copilot, using ViVeTook and Powershell running as administrator, just type:

vivetool /enable /id:42058345,42058313  

Volume mixer is back

A image of the action center showing a volume mixer with individual volume for each open app, also shows a toggle to enable spatial sound audio and all available output devices.

Volume mixer, spatial sound and sound output devices on the action center. After almost two years of absence, Volume mixer is back and it even has a shortcut! Insiders can now try this new feature via Win Key + CTRL + V shortcut or just by pressing the new icon next to the volume slider on the action center.

An image of a icon that represent the volume mixer. New icon for sound mixer present on build 23493.

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